5 Safety Tips for Your Next Boating Excursion

Boating can be lots of fun, whether you’re adventuring and exploring on your own, as a couple, or with your loved ones – but it’s also a big responsibility!
Given how dramatic various boating routes are, variations in sea-level, swells, waves, and other changing weather patterns it’s absolutely critical that you take safety seriously, and boat responsibly.
Unfortunately, boating accidents can cause serious injury, damage your boat, or even cause death in the worst accidents. So, have a look at our top 5 Safety Tips for Your Next Boating Excursion to maximize your experience, and stay safe while doing it!
1. Protective Gear and Preparation
Always wear protective gear, flotation devices, and carry spare parts before going out boating. This ensures the safety of you, your crew, and of course your boat. Plenty of accidents annually and the injuries that accompany them could have easily been prevented by wearing your personal flotation device (PDF) or life-jackets. Always make sure they fit you and your crew properly before setting sail, and ensure they are worn at all times! In fact, if they or you aren’t, you can expect to not only face dangers to your safety, but, also being issued citations by the Coast Guard if caught.
2. Always be Aware of Weather
Before setting sail, always do your due diligence in ensuring you are familiar with the local, current, and future weather patterns. This can prevent accidents and even a catastrophe in the event of a natural disaster. This also guarantees to keep you and your family safe, so you can focus on enjoying yourself rather than beating the swells and being forced to return inland!
3. Avoid Alcohol Use
One of the most common causes of accidents is drunk-boating, and other drunken activities that sometimes lead to a man-over-board and other accidents.
So, protect yourself, your loved ones, and friends by electing to leave the alcohol back home – and keep temptation at bay. A lot of unwanted headache and costs can be avoided by preventing accidents on deck, removing liability for you and giving you a more peaceful, memorable journey.
4. The Right ‘Attire’
Before going out on your next boating adventure, make sure you pack the appropriate footwear, clothing, and as an added piece of protection bring lots of sunblock lotion, sunglasses, and long-sleeve shirts to keep you and your loved ones safe.
There are lots of random hazards onboard that could lead to quite painful accidents without the proper footwear, and, this in addition to the right clothing can make all the difference in both how safe, and enjoyable your next boating trip is. This way, you can make sure you enjoy yourself no matter the weather, and when it’s night you have the necessary extra clothing to stay warm!
5. Packing a First Aid Kit
Next time you plan a boating trip, ensure you already have onboard or go and invest an all-inclusive first aid kit to ensure you have the extra Band-Aids, medicines, cleaning ointments, and anything else that might be necessary to give first aid in an emergency scenario.
Remember, once you’re out on the water it’s much more difficult to get immediate first aid care – and the nearest pharmacy will likely be miles and miles away.
Most importantly, have fun!

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