How to Choose A Boat Captain for Your Charter Boat

When you are on the way to explore the vast ocean or river on your charter boat, it is always better to entrust the responsibility of your boat and people who are riding on it to an efficient hand. If you are not a pro, hiring a boat captain for your charter is a great decision as it will be helpful to avoid the stress and responsibilities during your days on the water regarding the handling of the boat. Keep on reading the articles to know what features and attributes you should look for in the boat captains for your charter.

Verifying the Basic Information about a Boat Captain

Hiring a charter boat captain means he or she will be the part of your big day on the boat. Therefore, you need to take the decision carefully only after thorough verification. Usually, it is always better to hire the professional boat captains who have license and taken part in any training program. You should ask him or her years of experience and safety record. Even asking about his special interest is also a pertinent question.

Once you come across these basic questions, you should focus on choosing someone with whom you feel comfortable hours at sea. You need to make out his idea about weather and navigation on the sea so that further you don’t need to take any headache.

Is he/she flexible to face any unexpected weather condition?

Would you like to spend an entire day on the water only because the weather condition in one direction does not seem favorable? An experienced boat captain should have the capability to change the sailing plan and head off towards another destination where you can enjoy your time in better weather. Usually the experienced boat captions must have plenty of knowledge about alternate sightseeing and fishing locations. They are also well-acquainted about all those great on-water restaurants where you can satisfy your taste-buds.

What type of charter boat does he/she operate the most?

Any good and experienced boat captain can navigate all the areas of waterways and should be comfortable with different types of charter. However, the majority of the boat captains have special kind of expertise in handling particular charter boat. That’s why, sometimes it has been noticed that the choice of the boat caption and the boat riders does not fit properly. Since both of you are going to spend a major portion of a day together on the boat, it is essential to choose the person as per his/her charter choice. If a captain prefers to go to the deep sea for fishing and you just want to swim, lounge in the sun and snorkel, both of you are not good fit for each other.

Is he/she comfortable with kids?

Obviously, the responsibility of controlling the kids comes first to their parents. However, it is surely the responsibility of the boat captains to take care of the safety matters of all passengers on board. Therefore, you need to verify that your charter boat captain is comfortable with kids and other persons in the group. Sometimes, it has been seen that many boat captains like to introduce the basic skills of boating to the interested boaters.

Once you choose the boat captain wisely, it is the time for you to relax as your captain will take all the responsibility on board.

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