Explore the Explicit Experience of Fishing in Florida

Florida means not necessarily a visit to Walt Disney World Resorts and Universal Studios and other theme parks. In fact, Florida is one of the best destinations to explore your outdoor person. How will you do it? Of course, it is by enjoying the great experience of fishing in Florida. For fishermen, Florida is considered as the heaven and fishing capital of the world. The place is abundance of wonderful resources and responsible management that have made the habitat of different kinds of sports fish. Along with that the year-round perfect environment and great weather enhance the fishing attraction of Florida not only among the local people, but also among people throughout the nation.

Here are some of the best fishing destinations of Florida mentioned below –

Lake Okeechobee:

Considered as the second biggest lake in the United States, Lake Okeechobee provides the fine freshwater fishing experience to the fishermen. You will find numerous types of fish including the largemouth bass, catfish bream, crappie, bluegill and many more. Usually, you can observe and catch bass species of fish from the boat lock of Henry Creek at Chancey Bay. Different types of panfish are found in the areas behind Eagle Bay Island. The best time for fishing in Eagle Bay is from January to April.

Lake Kissimmee:

Located in the east side of the City of Lake Wales, Lake Kissimmee is regarded as one of the best large mouth fishing lake in the country. Some of its popular fishing spots are deep-water break off the east side of Brahma Island, the highway 60 bridge area extending towards the Shady Oaks Fish Camp, the cut behind Brahma Island stretching between Otter Slough and Rocky Point, the southeast corner of Brahma Island and so on.

Mosquito Lagoon:

Fishing in Florida is not restricted among lakes and rivers; rather there are some wonderful lagoons like Mosquito Lagoon located only 45 minutes away from Orlando. It is considered as one of the best fishing destinations for the beginners and expert anglers who love to catch Tarpon, Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook and many more fish. Because of the habitat of mangroves, it is the ideal place for growing Snook and Redfish. In fact, sea animals like Dolphins, Manatees and many such spices have grown in these natural surroundings.

Pier Fishing Locations in Florida:

Found on the west coast of Florida, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville have several piers where you can enjoy fishing. Spending some time with the company of friends, soaking up the sunshine and away from bass boars and tour guides, these pier fishing locations in Florida are wonderful fishing places.

Other Fishing Locations:

Apart from the above-mentioned fishing places, there are other great options including Lake George, Lake/River Seminole, Lake Toho, Lake Talquin or Ochlockonee River, Lake Monroe in Sanford and Lake Weir and so on. These places are not so famous like Lake Okeechobee or Lake Kissimmee, but you can certainly expect to explore some hidden experience of fishing in Florida with which you may not be so familiar.



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